About OfficeNET Business SYStems

Officenet Business Systems, has been active since 1989 in the fields:

    Office Automation
    Count and control counterfeit banknotes
    Structured Wiring
    Telecommunication equipment
    Security and Notification Systems
    Access Control Systems
    Internet Services & brochure design


1. Office Automation:

        a. Acquisition of office automation machines, such as photocopiers (black-white & color) laser printers (black and white & color), laser fax, from brands such as: Canon, HP, Samsung, Lexmark, etc. These products are available in new and remanufactured (Refurbished) condition, with guarantee up to 5 years and possibility Maintenance Contract.
        b. Maintenance and repair of copiers, laser and dot matrix printers, fax and LCD monitors.
        d. Consumables such as Toner, Cartridges and paper, for the operation of these machines.
        e. Reconstruction of cartridge for laser printers to drastically reduce printing costs without compromising on quality.
         f. Recycling empty Cartridges.

2. Banknote value counter and Counterfeit Detection:
        a. Banknote value counter and Counterfeit Detection, for companies or Banks with the possibility of a maintenance contract.

3. Computer:
         a. Desktop computer specified according to customer needs.
         b. Desktop PCs celebrities, reconstruction (Ref.) Low cost ideal for office use.
         c. Notebooks (Laptops, Tablet) celebrities, rebuilding, low cost
         d. PC Maintenance, repair and upgrade.

4. Structured Cabling:

         a. The wiring of the enterprise is the backbone and therefore it is necessary to properly constructed and maintained in excellent condition. Careful planning, proper and clean implementation, to screen out and certified performance Officenet is the correct choice for the installation of any wiring type (power, telecommunication, alarm, CCTV, data transfer, etc.) In any implementing instrument (copper, UTP, fiber, etc.), in any business.

5. Telecommunication Equipment:
         a. We offer pabx like Siemens, Karel, VoIP with their accessories.
Depending on the requirements of the client's business, we provide the system it needs. From 6 to 2600 extensions we can apply any installation, our experience in telecommunications is a tool which will help to simplify and to implement the most complex installations. Also Technologies SIP and VOIP can integrate branches or associates of the customer, across Greece and around the world as a single call center.
         b. Installation, programming and maintenance of telephone exchanges.

6. Security Systems, and Remote Notification:

         a. Wireless security alarms for alerting via telephone or mobile phone.
         b. Remote control and monitoring devices via mobile network

7. Energy Saving and Access Control Systems:

         a. We manufacture and offer BMS Access control systems & Energy Saving, for central and local control, designed and manufactured in Greece for full management of small, large hotels or hotel group and the Internet access management in public spaces.

8. Internet Services & brochures

         a. Web page construction, hosting & mail server.
         b. Brochures, forms, models, cards