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If you choose to visit Technostore, your visit or any your question on privacy is subject to the terms of this notice and conditions of use, including limitations on damages, resolution of dispute and application of the laws of the country. If you have any concern about your privacy on the way they are used and collected from our site, please send us a full description by pressing the [Contact] and we will try to resolve it.
Our renewed business continuity and data protection terms will change also. May periodically send you e-mail reminders for notifications and conditions, unless you inform us that you do not want. You should regularly check our website for any changes. We keep our promises, and for any reason will not change the administration of our customers making
less safe compared with information collected in the past. Unless stated otherwise, our current privacy policy applies to all information that we collect about you and your account. We support the promises that we give you, and will never change this policy and practice unless you request a specific customer.

Information You Give Us:
We provide information when you search, buy ordering, post your comments, or other methods of communication with our website or by e-mail Technostore. As a result of these operations, you supply us with information such as name, address, phone.

Automatic Information: For security reasons toTechnostore sometimes collects and analyzes the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet and our website. This is for your own protection if someone tries to enter your personal data or to your financial information and try to make purchases with your own details. In any case each order confirmed by telephone.

Questions: Questions relating to the conditions of use, please contact our support team by pressing the [Contact] which is in the menu.

Questions: Questions referred to privacy, the other our tactics on the privacy policy, please contact our support team by pressing the [Contact] which is in the menu.

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