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    To Ericsson G30 FCT
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 June, 2015.

FCT G30 Ref

Model G30
Price:   € 60.00

The Ericsson – G30 terminal (Ref) – is the natural choice for residential communication needs. It offers a highly cost efficient and flexible solution utilizing an existing GSM network, especially in locations that lack fixed communication infrastructure. With the crisp voice quality equivalent to that of a standard fixed line.

The Ericsson G30 terminal features the latest technology, which makes it perfect for everyday voice communication: Dual band GSM (E-GSM 900, GSM 1800)
Analogue RJ11 interface for connection to a landline phone or analogue trunk.
Optional battery back-up
Superior call quality, indistinguishable to a call made from a landline phone.
SMA Female Connector for External Antenna


The Ericsson G30 Fixed Wireless Terminal is the ideal solution for cost effective mobile to mobile voice communication in most areas of the world.

The G30 is a typical Fixed Wireless Terminal as it operates using a SIM card and can be connected to any landline telephone handset.

The G30 is particularly suited to home users who make a large number of landline to mobile calls. Users can benefit from mobile capped plans and more price friendly mobile to mobile call rates.

Connecting a landline telephone to the G30 ensures dial tone and clear voice quality- just as a regular landline connection would provide. People in areas where there is no fixed line infrastructure, such as a mountainous village or a small island, will benefit from a G30 as it uses wireless local loop so they can enjoy a clear and crisp connection. Temporary connection in remote areas is also possible, such as in disaster areas, at exhibitions and shopping centres.

The G30 Fixed Wireless Terminal can be operated on any GSM 900/1800 network.

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